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About Me

I started to take pictures everyday just for fun in High School. As I started to read fashion and photography magazines, I realized that I could turn the hobby that I loved so much into a career. I started to search out colleges that would take me from amature to professional. I came across many schools, none of which could compare with Hallmark Institue of Photography in Turners Falls, MA. (Which sadly, permanently closed its doors in October 2016) The programs, the teachers, the facility, all being cutting edge, state of the art and top knotch.

I was sold, I wanted nothing more to go to this amazing school. After months of pleading with my mother in dealing with living in MA and tuition, I was off in September of 2010.

Once there, I learned from the greatest photographers in the business. All the major disciplines, Commercial, Fashion, Portraiture, On location (dealing with outdoor elements), Photoshop, Digital Art, Business, and even Video. They had given me all the tools to move forward with my career, along with a hefty tution bill =]

It took me a few years after graduating from Hallmark to discover and explore where my true passion in photography really was. But finally, I realized what I truly had a knack for is Pet Photography. 


Married to the love of my life! Some may know me by Mastrangelo.



I hope you have enjoyed my website and I would love to take pictures of you and your pets/kids! ;]